Instagram Camera IconHow to Get Instagram Access Token

In order to display your Instagram photos on your own website, you are required to provide an Instagram Access Token. This article will explain you what is it and how you can get Instagram Access Token. Let’s go!

What's an Instagram Access Token?

The Instagram Access Token is a long string of characters unique to your account that grants other applications access to your Instagram feed.

Instagram Access Token is essential for the usage of most Instagram based apps.

3 Simple Steps to Getting Instagram Access Token

  • Sign in Instargam as a developer
  • Register a new Client ID
  • Get Instagram Access Token using Client ID and Client Secret

1. Sign in Instargam as a developer

Visit the Instagram Developer Page

Before getting your Access Token you have to register as a developer in Instagram and receive Client ID and Client Secret. You should follow the link to the Instagram developer web page.

register page Instagram developer register page

Log in Instagram

To get a Client ID and Client Secret you need to be registered in Instagram. Create an account or log in using the existing account to pass on to the next step.

login Instagram login page

Signup as Developer

Instagram demands to be registered as a developer from everyone, who wants to display Instagram feed on his website. After you log in Instagram the next window will appear.

Input all the fields on the web page:

  • Your Website – the URL of your website
  • Phone Number – your phone number
  • What do you want to build with API – any description

After this signup the Instagram Developer Documentation will appear where you will see greetings and the following overview.

create instagram app Create new application

Now, as a developer, you can register the application. To do that click on the link marked above. Instagram will notify you that at the moment you don’t have any apps and will offer you to create a new one.

register clients Register a new client

2. Register a New Client ID

The next page has 4 important fields for filling so be attentive!

application New client ID signup

Check the fields on the web page:

Now confirm your data and proceed to the next page. Here you can see received Instagram Client ID and Client Secret.

instagram token Client ID and Client Secret

3. Get Instagram Access Token using Client ID and Client Secret

Сopy your all-new Instagram Client ID and Client Secret and paste here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a token?

Without the token, your website will be unable to talk to the Instagram servers. The token provides a secure way for a website to ask Instagram's permission to access your profile and display its images.

Why should I trust you with my token?

Theme Ruby is just the company that made this tool to generate your token. We do not have access to your Instagram tokens, nor do we intend to use them or your photos for any purpose.